About Us

Solution Oil is the new high-quality brand in lubricants. Solution Oil is produced in the Netherlands. This is something we are proud of. Hence the stamp “Made in Holland” on all our packaging. Our head office is located in Weert, South of the Netherlands.

Best quality from the Netherlands

We work together with the best ISO certified manufacturer of lubricants in Europe. Who stands for an advanced production facility. Where safety, health and environment are highly valued. We ensure that quality is continuously monitored in the laboratory; from raw materials up to the filling line. Every production batch is tested, and samples of each batch are safely stored in the laboratory, to enable controls afterwards.


Solution Oil is working on sustainability in different ways. Together with our manufacturer, we continuously work on product improvement. We strive for an ever longer renewal period. Do you want to buy motor oil and also contribute to the environment? Choose the Solution Oil ECO line.

The Best Quality Motor Oil

You have come to the right place for quality. Production take place ISO certified. This is based on ISO 9001-2015 for quality management, ISO 14001-2015 for environmental management and ISO 45001 for work-related health and safety.

The quality of lubrication oil is measured by OEM specifications and approvals. OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Together with the lubricant manufacturer, the OEM publishes specifications for a lubrication or motor oil. This publication contains the specific tests and test limits for the lubricant manufacturer to create the motor oil. Our manufacturer sets the correct combination of basic oils and additives, so that the end product of Solution Oil is guaranteed to meet the specification of the OEM.

In addition to “meeting the specification”, a motor oil may also be OEM approved. The end product is then submitted by the manufacturer for official approval by the OEM. When all requirements are met after intensive testing, the OEM gives official approval. The OEM is therefore an official proof of quality. This is often important for official car and truck dealer companies.

Are you looking for motor oil with OEM approval? Contact our customer service.