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A good and suited motor oil is of utmost importance for every car. Checking the oil level regularly, re-filling and refreshing motor oil on time is thereby of great importance. Are you not doing this on time? Then your car can get damaged. Do you want to buy good motor oil? Don’t look any further! Solution Oil has everything you need!

Solution Oil guarantees you the best quality. After all, your engine deserves the best! Our motor oil is intended for passenger cars, vans, trucks and two-wheelers. You can order motor oil for passenger cars and vans in our webshop.

Solution Oil for business

With over 800 different types of lubricants, we offer a very broad range of specifications. All with the most recent OEM approvals. And all fitting your needs as a garage owner or transport company holder.

Of course, we selected the most commonly used lubricants for you. Download our catalog now for more information or contact our customer service.


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What is the composition of motor oil?

23 Feb 2022

Whether mineral, synthetic or semi-synthetic motor oil, motor oil consists of a base oil and additives. Let's take a closer look at what is in this essential lubricant and what is the role of the...