Finding and Fixing an Engine Oil Leak Yourself

Motorolie kopen

Detecting an Engine Oil Leak, Potential Issues, and How to Fix It Yourself. Motor oil is a crucial component of your vehicle. It lubricates the engine, helps cool it down, and reduces corrosion. An engine oil leak can cause irreparable damage to your motor. How do you know if you have an engine oil leak? Solution Oil explains.

Geur van brandende olie

The oil leaking from your engine drips onto hot components in your vehicle and burns, producing a distinct burnt smell. You might also hear “hissing” sounds originating from where the engine is located.

Blauwe rook

When motor oil burns, it produces blue smoke, which you will see coming out of your exhaust.

Zwart/donkergekleurde plassen

If you leave black/dark puddles everywhere you park, there’s a good chance that your engine is leaking oil.

Motorolielampje brandt

If your oil light is on, check your oil level. This light indicates low oil pressure or insufficient oil in your engine.

Lage motorolie

Check your engine oil levels using your dipstick to see if you have enough oil. If your engine oil level has dropped, you may have a leak.

Oververhitting van de motor

When your oil level is low, there isn’t enough lubrication to cool the engine as you drive, causing your vehicle to quickly overheat.

Wat gebeurt er als je een motorolielek niet repareert?

Without proper lubrication, your engine will overheat and stall. Engines typically account for 10-20% of the cost of a new vehicle, so you want to act quickly if you suspect a leak. A leak can also damage your oxygen sensors and cause seals and gaskets to fail. And last but not least, remember that motor oil is NON-FLAMMABLE.

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