Which engine oil do I need?

Motorolie nodig

One of the most important factors in choosing automotive motor oil is viscosity, but now that there are a range of regular and synthetic oils on the market, how do you know which one is best for your car? And why is it so important to use the right engine oil for your car? Which engine oil do I need?

The purpose of motor oil

Vehicle engine oil cleans the engine and leaves contaminants in the oil filter to be removed. Engine oil neutralizes acids, prevents corrosion and protects against breakdowns. But in order for oil to provide these benefits, it must be able to circulate and flow properly. Oil produces a thin cushioning film to prevent friction between metal engine parts when they move against each other. The film acts as a sealant between the cylinder wall and the piston rings. The reduction in friction caused by engine oil also reduces heat, which cools the metal components. If the oil is contaminated, of the wrong type, or has done its best, it will not flow properly and you risk costly engine damage. That’s why it’s so important to buy the right type of engine oil for your car. Keep in mind that engine oil degrades and therefore has a shelf life. Do not use engine oil that is more than five years old.

Motor oil viscosity

Motor oil viscosity describes its resistance to flow at different temperatures. Motor oil for cars is available in different viscosities. Viscosity is labeled with a number, e.g. 5w40 engine oil. It is suitable for a variety of motor types and is labeled with an ACEA specification, eg ACEA A1 / B1. When checking your vehicle’s recommended oil viscosity in your owner’s manual, pay attention to its quality and ACEA specification. Using the wrong viscosity engine oil for your model is the second most common cause of premature engine damage (the most common being engine neglect). You won’t have any problems when you put the wrong engine oil in your car. However, you will likely experience operational problems 30,000 kilometers later.

Synthetic motor oil

Some modern vehicles require synthetic oil, which contains less impurities. Fully synthetic oil is generally considered the best performance for new engines. On the other hand, semi-synthetic oils mix mineral and synthetic oils. Semi-synthetic motor oil needs to be changed less often than regular car oil.

Which engine oil do I need?

The automotive industry is constantly evolving, with manufacturers producing increasingly complex engine oils to meet vehicle emission regulations and consumer economic performance requirements. View our range to see which motor oil is best for you. Once you find the right type for your vehicle, follow our simple instructions to change your engine oil. We sell Endurance 5W30 Motor Oil, Premium Performance 5W30 Motor Oil and Premium Performance 5W40 Motor Oil.