What is the composition of motor oil?

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Whether mineral, synthetic or semi-synthetic motor oil, motor oil consists of a base oil and additives. Let’s take a closer look at what is in this essential lubricant and what is the role of the main additives used.

Composition of mineral, synthetic and semi-synthetic oil

There are three types of oils: mineral oil, synthetic oil and semi-synthetic oil. Each of these oils has a different composition: the base is either refined crude oil or polymers manufactured in the lab.

Mineral oil: composition of a natural motor oil

Mineral oil is made from crude oil. Once extracted and transported to a refinery, the crude oil undergoes several refining processes to remove as many impurities as possible. This oil consists mainly of hydrocarbons (oxygenated or non-oxygenated), but may also contain traces of compounds such as sulfur or nitrogen. After processing, additives are added to the so-called mineral motor oil to improve performance.

How do you make synthetic oil?

Synthetic oil can be made chemically in the lab, but it can also come from refined petroleum. Refining synthetic oil is a more complex process than for mineral oil: it involves changing the structure of the hydrocarbon molecules. The processes for obtaining the oil ensure that only the best molecules are preserved. Many additives are also added. Due to its composition, so-called synthetic oil is considered a high-end oil that is purer and has higher performance than mineral oil.

What is semi-synthetic oil made of?

Semi-synthetic oil is a mixture of synthetic oil and mineral oil. The proportions in the mixture are not equal: semi-synthetic oil contains a maximum of 30% synthetic oil. It is interesting to know that oil with only 1% synthetic oil is also called “semi-synthetic oil”.

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