What are the main benefits of motor oil?

How much motor oil does my car need

For car owners, motor oil primarily avoids expensive repairs. Without lubricant, the engine would quickly be seriously damaged. Strictly speaking, this is what a quality motor oil offers. What are the main benefits of motor oil? We list the most important things.

Engine oil extends engine life

By reducing friction between parts and cleaning the entire engine, engine oil prevents the engine from clogging and damage. Mechanical parts last longer and corrode less. As a result, the motor performs better and the service life is extended.

Ensures proper engine operation

An oiled engine runs better. Good lubrication is essential to prevent serious mechanical damage. In addition to engine performance, maintenance costs are also affected.

Reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions

If an engine oil is overused or the level is too low, the resulting friction changes the energy efficiency of the engine, which in turn increases fuel consumption. A high-quality oil also reduces polluting discharges into the atmosphere.

Choose the right engine oil for optimum efficiency

Not all motor oils are the same. It is important to choose an oil that is suitable for your vehicle and the local climate conditions in order to enjoy all the benefits. There are three types of oil:

  • Mineral motor oils
  • Semi-Synthetic Motor Oils
  • Synthetic motor oils

In addition to the type of oil, there are several parameters such as viscosity, which is expressed in two degrees marked on the oil reservoir (for example “5w30”): the quality when cold and the quality when it is hot. These qualities indicate the fluidity of the oil according to the temperature (high or low). Depending on the engine design, the oil should be more or less liquid or more or less viscous. Consult your vehicle owner’s handbook or seek advice from a professional to choose the right oil.